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AMD 5600X - Overclock/UnderVolt Questions

Hello all!


I was hoping someone could help me. I'm sure as many of you are doing or will be or hoping to is to be jumping to the AMD platform soon.

I have just done and I am have just upgraded to an AMD system from my 7-year old 4770K - and all these AMD is new to me. So I have some questions.


I am trying to find my undervolt values as I dont want to be running Auto on the vCore.

I have set my frequency to 4.6GHz, vCore currently at 1.125V. I have noticed on CPU-Z my voltage is 1.125V or there abouts but my frequency is pegged at 4.6GHz even on idle. Is this normal?

On my 4770K, I OC'd that buy when idle, just on Desktop, it would clock down. Can I do the same on this 5600X?


A bit rusty and not 100% up to date with everything since AMD started making a come back. 


System Specs:

AMD 5600X

ASUS X570 Gaming E

32GB GSkill 3200Mhz 2x16GB

H100i V2


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4 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

you need to set the balanced windows profile or balanced ryzen profile if you have ryzen master installed.

It is on Balanced on Windows Power Options and doesnt clock down.

I do not have Ryzen Master installed. Do I need it? Could that potentially be it?



Btw, I am doing all this via the BIOS.

LLC set to Level 5.

Core Ratio on 46.

OCCD or OCPD or whatever, the AMD equivalent to XMP on Intel is on.


That's all the settings I have modified so far.

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6 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

not necesarily. do you have the amd chipset drivers installed? is your bios up to date?

Yep! BIOS v2812 for Gaming E

And Chipset Driver from Gaming E downloads section, version I installed all when it prompted me, cant remember specifics.

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