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Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

This is the second time I've got this within about an hour (an interval of 30 minutes or so).


This pops up after I reboot the PC after it gets a black screen and won't work. I run Windows 7 32bit and have a used 750Ti I've overclocked but worked perfectly fine before this. I just bought an SSD and intend to do a clean install of Windows soon. I'm quite concerned as this is my only GPU and I can't really fork out any money for an equivalent one, used or otherwise.


Has anyone got a similar experience or knows how to resolve this issue? 



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Now, three times in quick succession, the screen went black for about a second and the same popup appeared (shown above). This happened when I got a new notification in Twitter and when I opened a new tab.

I've also redownloaded the same driver version. It hasn't helped.

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