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Best GPU for me (low latency monitoring setup for live music with live video streaming)

Sup y'all. I was gonna get an AMD, been waiting out for like, more than a year on the iGPU on my 8700K. Dissapointing reviews from the Vega cards, the 5700 cards, and the new 6800 cards lead me in a state where I'm not sure I should even goo with AMD then. Main reason was so it would be easy for me to install OSX on my desktop, so I bought all components matching via tonymax's website suggestions. I also like that I can run 6 monitors at the same time with something like the AORUS card (though there currently isn't any for the new range of cards with more than 4 display outs)


So long story short, I do live music with live tracking/monitoring which means I need a super fast, instantly responsive real time computing rig. I also use this machine to stream live video via OBS - streaming my live music show. It's of upmost importance that I get something that just WORKS, works fast, clean pristine, without pixelating or otherwise f'ing up the stream. Ableton seems to use a lot of resources and is not very efficient when it comes to multi tasking, somewhat a failed app ran by marketing people. Anyway, it's what I currently use, along with a bunch of plugins (effects that's run with no additional latency but that requires CPU power) - so anyway I need a dGPU obviously since the iGPU is struggling and the 8700K is also working pretty hard to pull this off. I also got an Avermedia capture card which has built in h.264 encoding but for some reason OBS is not happy when I use that - so I need a happy OBS. Also btw. I have a controller, Ableton Push 2, which also uses the GPU to run it's display. So ya, basically looking for recommendation as to which specific card to buy..IT needs to have ZERO COIL WHINE AT ALL SETTINGS, as quiet as possible without resorting to water and pump, so 3 fans and a proper built product, I can live with underclocking and undervolting to reduce noise but I can't live with coil whine or a super hot GPU or super power hungry CPU either. I have the SF750 in my desktop and love it but would like to keep it at zero fan if possible. Rest of my system is ASRock Z370 Pro4 with a delidded 8700K, Noctua big mofo cooler, 2x samsung evo 1tb Nvme, 4 samsung evo sata drives, RME pci-e soundcard, Avermedia pci-e capture card, handfull of midi controllers, no wifi or bluetooth, I run internet via ethernet. I plan to game very little, when I do it'll be some generic titles from newer games. I edit on Premiere Pro currently, and also use Reaper daw sometimes for mastering.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated :)


Oh btw. budget: aiming at around 200-400+ bucks, probably gonna buy used. (I was thinking maybe going fanless but it doesn't look like there are any decent ones out there they're all archaic)


Lastly, I plan to purchase 4k or higher screen/monitor/projector down the line so would like something with the newest/best hdmi/displayport/whatever ports and something able to handle huge resolutions. Also must be able to handle a minimum of 4 monitors all at max resolution, all running at the same time.

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Maybe I can add: I think it may be an idea to get AMD so I got complete OSX compatibility then upgrade my capturecard to one with a good current encoder/decoder that works on par or better than NVENC for OBS / YouTube ?!

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Quick update: I just got a sweet deal on a used MSI RX 480 GAMING X 8GB 🙂 So far runs great ! I can now (finally) go down to lowest available buffer size: 32 Samples on the RME RayDat (Professional PCI-E sound card) and the RME BabyFace (original) USB 2.0 sound card at 48 Samples so far no clicks or issues running OBS, Ableton and Firefox with a bunch of tabs open 😄

I attached some info on where it's at right now. Haven't stress tested it other than a few benchmarks, but so far so good. Any suggestions as far as overclocking? Should I try and flash it to a 580? So far it seems to work great at max ram, 2250 and 1400Mhz I maxed the power limit and vcore limit, looks like it's running fine but mind you I have no experience in overclocking GPU's lol.
(The benchmarks where done with Firefox, VLC and other stuff open)





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