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Performance vs Power Plug & Storage Capacity

Case: Sliger SM560



CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X


RAM: 32Gbs

Storage: 1TB M.2 SSD

GPU: ASUS 3080 TUF ($699) VS ASUS 3080 STRIX ($850)


Situation: I am choosing either these card cause I like Asus, performance, and whatever. Both these card fits which is not the issue. The problem, besides the stock supply of 3080's, is that if I go with the ASUS TUF card then I know I'm missing out on the little performance improvement as well as the amount of stock fulfillment of getting it as soon as the STRIX. The Asus STIX card has been restocked more frequently than the TUF which I really appreciate along with the slightly better performance (by the binning and all). However, the the larger size forces me to remove one 2.5" sdd drive spot as well as forcing me to get the pig tail power cord.


Problem: I understand that this is relevant to my preference, but I want to get other people's opinion and thought process in what they would think. Would you go with the ASUS STRIX over the TUF and sacrifice the storage space along with being forced to go with the pig tail power cord or would you rather go with the TUF card with the slight less of performance/cooling and less likelihood of snagging a card sooner and saving myself a storage slot and dealing with a pig tail power cord?



-My previous comment of stock supply is based on the Hotstock.io site with the STIX card being restocked more often than TUF card with no regard of the quantity amount of being re-stocked.

-I've been rocking a an old gaming laptop with an Intel I7 and RTX 1050M, so a gaming pc sooner would always be preferred😅


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Your choice.

I assume you're talking about daisy-chaining PCIe power connectors, which is totally fine and not an issue if you're on a good PSU. (which you have to be, with an RTX 3090)

in terms of storage, 2.5inch SSDs can go basically anywhere (tape to the back of the motherboard tray, in the PSU cable mess area, etc.) so it's not an issue for me, but if you need the storage space and want the drive in a proper mount, then it's totally your choice.


Can't go wrong with either. Get whatever's in stock first lol.


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