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Need a bit of help..

Hello, i'm making a program using autoplay media studio 8 (i know, no one uses it?)

Made a simple command that will 

ask the user for a product key or password to use the program

when the program starts, That works fine but

how could i make it so, if the user closes the program

and reopens it won't show the activation window anymore?


This is the code i currently have:


[correct_password = ture;

-- the 'correct' password
real_passwords = {"The key or password goes here", "", ""};

user_password = Dialog.PasswordInput("Password", "Please activate software!", MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

for j in pairs(real_passwords) do
    if real_passwords[j] == user_password then

       result = Dialog.Message("", "Software has been activated!", MB_OK, MB_ICONINFORMATION, MB_DEFBUTTON1);

        correct_password = true;

if not correct_password then
    result = Dialog.Message("Error", "Looks like you entered the wrong key. ", MB_GETPASS, MB_ICONSTOP, MB_DEFBUTTON1);
    result = DialogEx.Show("Dialog1", true, nil, nil);



Any help is appreciated 



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  1. Easy answer: Create a file somewhere in the machine (in Windows somewhere in %AppData% and in MacOS somewhere in Application Support) that stores a flag that says the authentication should be skipped.
  2. Stronger security: Create a hash using the product key and store it in the aforementioned directory somewhere along with the product key. Use other features unique about the computer to combine for your hash.
  3. Strongest security: read this (Windows) or this (macOS).
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The easy answer is what i'm looking for.

But i'm not able to do that.

tried making text files

but there's not preset  in autoplay media studio..

Some help is appreciated :)

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I was able to make a text file.

Indeed i got it to say what i want but 

i'm not sure exactly how to read it.


that was a long time ago.

and since did not advance on  the project.

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