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Need help looking for white cable mods for NVIDIA RTX 3070 and Corsair RMx Power Supply

Hello, I'm almost done getting all the parts I need and for the finishing touches I want to add some white cables along the case for my build. I heard Asia Horse has some good and cheap cable extensions, but I'm unsure as to which type I need (12 Pin, 8Pin). From my understanding I'll be needing the 24 Pin one to connect to the motherboard, the one that connects to the graphics card, and which else? I've also seen some extensions that connect to a small black cable that comes with the 3070, is there any way to no use this connector and have a white cable mod instead? Any help would be appreciated, thanks


Attached are 2 pictures.

Picture 1: Is what I have in mind when it comes to a white cable mod

Picture 2: Has that black cable that connects to the 3070 that I wish to replace

Picture 1.jpg

Picture 2.jpg

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