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my rtx 3070 got artifact?

i already asked this on reddit, but still not get good answer


so i use msi rtx 3070 ventus 3x, i7 7700, 2x8gb ram, with corsair rm750

earlier today when open 2 android emulator (bluestack & ldplayer), my pc suddenly freeze with green artifacts. After reset it everything looks fine, try some heavy game & watching movie got no problem, try some benchmark, its stable at 67 degree and overall everything is fine now, and i already tried to use 2 bluestack & 2 ldplayer at same time and make them at least idle in some game and everything looks okay so far


and its almost 2 weeks since i got this gpu & using driver version 457.30 from the first time use this card till now.
so should i worried about this, or maybe its just some driver problem?

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Likely a driver issue or software not optimized issue, assuming you're not overclocked. You could try uninstalling your drivers using DDU, then installing Nvidia's studio drivers to see if that'll help as those are more oriented towards stability for creators.

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