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Anything that makes my Wi-Fi faster while Gaming?

Hello, so, i am a competitive player, i like to play CS:GO, Minecraft Multiplayer, And some videos Uploading, when i play Games like CS:GO the Wi-Fi is running fine actually, after 4-6 Rounds my Wi-Fi gets some lag spikes, I have Wired Connection, Best settings on my LAN Controller, and more, but still the same things, when this happened i am like "It was useless when u have a Good High End PCs When U Have Bad Wi-Fi!" So, please help me to bring back the new performance of my Wi-Fi, ik you can't just increase your Internet Bandwith for free, But 11Mbps is good for 3 People right?

So then something is wrong with my Wi-Fi. Please help me to fix this brothers!






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5 minutes ago, ItzMadMan said:

(...) I have Wired Connection (...) Bad Wi-Fi! (...)

Can you decide which one you're using?


Use wired connection and forget about WiFi. Cables are cheap.

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If your truly trying to be competitive there’s no substitution for a hard line connection from router to pc. Something as simple as using the microwave can have your wifi dropping packets and causing connection instability. As for the quality of your ISP connection there’s only so much you can do since where you live limits your options. Depending on the quality of your router sharing the connection can be problematic, since a spike in usage from the other people on the network may give you a bit of unstable ping depending how well your QoS service is managing priorities 

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Wifi will have high latency, go wired.

As for the speed, bandwidth is not the main reason, it's your internet latency with the server.

The lower the better. If you know the IP Address of the server, try ping it.

Good latency for gaming is under 50ms.

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