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Overclocking ram to advertised speeds

My board is having issues with XMP and voltage and turning it off solved the issue so I’m wanting to achieve the desired speeds manually I understand my timings however I’m struggling with TRC default it is set to 61 however if I remember correctly XMP changed it to 64 so I’m unsure which to use. Obviously wouldn’t be enabling xmp so thinking to use it at 61-62


tcl + tras for the trc 

Settings looks like this 

Tcl 18
Trcdrd. 22
Trcdwr. 22
Trp. 22
Tras. 42

trc 62

And I’ll leave the rest on auto I’m only wanting advertised speeds 

Voltage 1.35

Had a slight issue with the voltage as 1.35 reports as 1.404 minor discrepancy however 1.29 reports at 1.35v. Unsure weather to leave it at the 1.404 or set it to the correct 1.35

Many thanks for the help

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