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Should I enable V-Sinc, Free-Sync and/or MBR?

Hello guys, I've been playing all my life with 1080p 60hz monitors and I just recently upgraded to 1440p 144hz. I've read about V-sinc, free-sync and MBR and I can say that I understand what they do but I still get a really hard time trying to understand how would they benefit me, so I'd like to give you 2 scenarios of very different fps games (which I think is the most relevant genre for these settings) and hear what you think I should do.


Valorant: my PC can push between 300 and 500 fps on 1440p depending on graphics settings, I know more fps equals less input lag but I'd guess that the jump from 300 to 500 its unnoticeable compared to let's say 100 to 300 (please correct me if I'm wrong) so I normally go for higher settings with 300~350 fps just for the looks.


Warzone: I'm playing with 100~120 fps on 1440p but I'm considering to downscale to 1080p so I can get at least 144fps without sacrificing fov (depending in what I learn here).


So, these two games are played very differently, in Valorant I'd prioritize input lag and response time while in Warzone I'd prioritize sight clearness during quick, long camera movements. Knowing this, should I enable any of the mentioned settings? and if I should, how would they benefit me?

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I'd recommend free-sync, it matches your games refresh rate with the monitor so there is no tearing. V-sync adds more input lag and takes resources to enable. With a really high refresh rate like 300-500fps you're getting new frames so often that tearing isn't a big issue, but if you're not getting enough frames like in Warzone enabling V-sync will lower your frame rate. Free sync doesn't really impact performance so there's no real reason not to turn it on.

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