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I bought this Asus Strix 980ti off ebay as “for parts or not working” but I put it on a test bench and got it to boot into windows. Now, the resolution is significantly lower than it should be and the card gets way too hot. It has a 0db mode but the fans to not kick up at all except for spinning for a moment after turning on the system. I understand that it is to be expected of this card to not work but I’m surprised that it turned on at all. I just want to see if there is any driver or vbios tweaks I could do to maybe make it work or if I just need to replace the bga chip itself. or maybe its something wrong with another part of the board? dunno, there doesn’t seem to be any damage to it. anywho, please shoot me suggestions. 



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Try flashing a vbios for the card (download one for your exact card model off techpowerup)

print "Hello World!" ("Hello World!")

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i actually just installed 2016 drivers and the system froze on this screen. this artifacting is different than it was doing before. does the artifacting + screw-y no windows load thing just mean bad silicon?


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