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YouTube, Twitter & Facebook to join forces in an effort to curb fake Covid19 news

Message added by SansVarnic,

Please note the fine line where politics can creep in and refrain from replies that will introduce it.


Thank you.

1 hour ago, poochyena said:

except your brain is much less than that of experts in their field.

Well, you convinced me.  Calling me dumb definitely proves your point.  Great work.

17 minutes ago, poochyena said:

Joe biden was just elected president

Not until December 14th.  The Electoral College decides that, not the AP, no matter how much Google and the media may proclaim it to be true.  I'm not going further than that, nor making any statements on the validity of the elections, just declaring the fact that the election isn't over until the EC votes.

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20 minutes ago, poochyena said:

Joe biden was just elected president, the most middle ground a person could possibly be. Idk what propaganda you've fallen for, but you definitely have fallen for some.

??? I'm not talking about US politics. i'm talking in general, and just because a single person may be "middle ground" doesn't mean they are not biased.


And just because he was elected president, doesn't mean what i said is wrong. you think the division that social media has harboured in society in the recent years is just going to disappear because there's a new president?

Judge the product by its own merits, not by the Company that created it.


Don't dilute <good thing> by always trying to focus on, and drag conversation back to, <bad thing>.

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Topic has derailed despite the Message at the topic of the topic.


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