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MSI Armor RX 570 8GB OC Undervolting

Hello, i recently got this video card and i am trying to undervolt it for the cooler temperatures.

I never touched anything like theese before, don't really have much experience with it and i am asking for help.


What would be the best possible setting for this specific card that can stay cool and have good performance? I have also set up a custom fan curve, wich did help a little bit but honestly not too much. I just wish to have a smooth and stable experience with it.


My PSU is a Thermaltake RGB 650w Bronze


Any additional tips and suggestions will be really appriciated so i could learn a bit more


The picture is of the stock settings, completly untouched. (Forgive me for the foreign texts)


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best thing to do would probably be to try it ... lower the voltage by let's say 10 mv on the stage 7 and run some benchmark (i like unigine heaven for that) ... if it doesn't crash then lower it again.  ... repeat until you get a crash then take it up by one or two increment and test it in a lot of games and benchmark just to be sure it's stable.  I don't have any value to give you sadly so you would just have to test and that's it. 

I9 10850K


32 Gb Crucial Balistix ddr4 3600mHz 16-18-18-38

MSI Z490 Tomahawk

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WB Black SN750 NVMe ssd

TeamGroup L5 3D Lite 1 Tb sata SSD


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