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New Gsync/Adaptive Sync monitor flickering on desktop outside of games only

Win 10 20H2

GTX 1080

Monitor: Asus TUF Gaming VG27B (using Display Port cables)

G-Sync enabled via the NVIDIA control panel

Adaptive Sync enabled in the monitors settings

Drivers: 457.30 (although switching driver versions around did nothing)



Only on opening applications outside of gaming does my monitor have major flickering..  I have confirmed that it's the refresh rate going up and down when opening apps in Windows by opening the monitor menu via physical button and watching the 144hz refresh rate go down to 40,50,60, etc.. and then back up again once I click away onto the desktop from the app I just opened to get the app out of focus.


Is this just a setting I have to configure or is it just a normal side effect of having the gsync/adaptive sync capabilities turned on all the time?

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Yeah I just don't get it.  Games work great and 0 screen tearing but once I open anything for work it's hitch city for a few seconds then it "levels out"

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I will also note though, that I have another monitor plugged in via display cable as well that's an Asus 1080p 144hz (non adaptive sync).  I will unplug it and see if this behavior continues.

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Also may be a corrupted driver issue.

I believe, depending on your GPU, there are settings where you apply the 144Hz to full windowed apps, or any thing else, see if you can find that and play with that, I think the gaming is seeing that 144, but when you get out of it, the config is not setup for the GPU to behave.

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