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PC Build Logs - Reflections - Custom Hardline Lquid Cooling

With the release of the new Nvidia graphic cards and the AMD CPU's I've decided to rebuild my PC! Welcome to my Custom Hard Line liquid cooled build log: Reflections.


The theme of this build is, you guessed it, reflections. The base color of the build is a neutral black, however all possible accents are either a silver, chrome or nickel. This in combination with the RGB lights that will be included in several of the components and acrylic tubes should hopefully create really nice looking reflection accents without the case being completely soaked in heavy light.


Out of simplicity I am doing quick recordings of the build progress so hopefully you guys will enjoy that. The specs are as follows:

[GPU]: ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3080

[Radiators]: EK Coolstream 360mm PE + NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper X-Flow 240mm x2

[Tubing]: Crystal Link (Acrylic) Tube 16mm OD

[RAM]: 2x G Skill Trident Z RGB 3600Mhz 16gb

[CPU Block]: EK Velocity RGB AM4

[Fittings]: Alphacool Chrome 90 degree Hard Tub Fitting x5 EK Torque HTC 16 x8 + 2 EK-AF Pass-Through G1/4 – Nickel x2 + Bitspower 90-Degree Dual Multi-Link Adapter For OD 16MM - Silver Shining x2 + 20mm Spacer Adapter - Male-Female G1/4 - Chrome

[MotherBoard]: Gigabyte Aorus x570 Ultra [GPU Block]: Nickel Backplate + EKWB TUF Acetal

[Storage]: Samsung 980 Pro 1TB + 1TB WD Caviar Black + 4x Samsung 860 EVO 500gb

[CPU]: = Ryzen 9 5900x [Fans]: SL120 Fans SL120 White x6 + 4 NB Eloop 120mm

[PSU]: 1300W EVGA Supernova G2 W/Custom White Cables


First update is just going through the part list that I currently have and doing a little bit of test fitting for some of the fans and radiators. Sorry for some of the mistakes I make while speaking, I'm nervous on camera and messed up some of the part names in the video.


Second part is going through a few additional parts I've received and doing my first out of case test boot to make sure all the parts are working as expected before I start removing coolers to add waterblocks.


I'll be providing more updates over the course of this week! I'm currently waiting for the rest of my Lian-li SL120 fans to arrive around Wendesday/Thursday as well as my GPU water block which should hopefully arrive sometime this week too. Once I have these I'll be able to figure out all the exact tubing runs and do some modifications to my case.


Hope you guys enjoy!

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Hey guys, so it's been awhile! Needless to say that the last parts I was missing took an eternity to arrive. But thankfully everything is here now and I can complete my build only a little late for cyberpunk!


Expect updates coming pretty fast in the next few days or so.


Anyway... on to the update!



So I decided to switch from my previous choice of Corsair ll120 fans to some lian-li sl120 fans instead. I really much prefer the look of these fans and the metal and shiny accents on the sides really fit my theme of reflections.


You'll also see that I finally got my ekwb rtx 3080 tuf block and got that installed. The stock thermal pads were really sticky and didn't come off that cleanly so it took alot longer to do well then I was expecting.


Finally I put everything back in the case so that I could mark off where my cuts are going to be needed before I take it all apart again.


At the time of writing this I've already made all the cuts and everything turned out great! I'll have another video about it soon but here's a sneak peak:





Looking forward to updating with my progress again!

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Hello again! Just wanted to update everyone with the last two updates I made to the build!


I recorded two other parts to my video build logs, but see below for a few written notes.


So in part 4 I show you the results of all my case modifications. The modifications include:

  • 2 New fan intakes in the bottom of the case aswell as the 8 screw holes so that I could screw them in from underneath
  • 2 New holes in between the rubber grommets to install my pass-through fittings
  • Widened all the front fan mounting holes since they didn't align with the 360mm ek Rad I have in the back

The modifications went surprisingly really smoothly and didn't comprimse the structural integrity of the case at all. Once the mods were done I proceeded to install pretty much everything including most of the wiring since alot of them became inaccessible once the rads were in.


The Final part! This video is pretty thick. It contains the results of all my acrylic bending as well as my first loop fill, finally culminating in the build being turned on for the first time and the final setup.

I had a few problems with some of the fan RGB not working due to a bad contact on one of the fans which I fixed up pretty well. I go over a lot of small things in the video so take a look if you feel like it. There's a short montage in the last minute so if you just feel like looking at the final result, just skip to 10:53ish.


Here's the final result in picture form for those who would rather not check out the video. I'm still not 100% decided on the color choice, plus the blue is alot less washed out in person rather than on camera, but I'm still really proud of the result.




Hope you guys enjoy!

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