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How many years have you been using your laptop?

How many years have you been using your laptop? Specify the model and manufacturer. If there is an old one that is not currently in use, mention it as well.

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Since August 2009... so 11 years. Toshiba Satellite A300, but I never got the last letters of the model right. Built-in camera died within 1st year of use. Battery barely holds charge, so I have removed it and just keep it plugged in.

Dual core CPU underclocked a bit, so it never reaches advertised 2 GHz and only 3GB RAM, I believe it's two sticks of  2+1. Changed the hard drive to SSD and replaced CD/DVD bay with a bigger capacity HDD. Best thing about it is the express card slot, so I kinda have USB 3.0 ports now and in theory could use external GPU.

Had to buy a new power adapter, original died after 10 years of torture...

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- Acer Aspire One (forgot the spec) 2008-2011, 3 years. Broken 'cause of screen literally separated from the chassis. But it still can actually output display via vga port though LOL.


- Lenovo something (forgot the name and spec) 2011-2013, 2 years. Actually my mother's workplace laptop, which her boss lends it to me for two years. What a nice guy


- HP 1000 (Celeron 1000m, 2gb RAM upgraded to 4gb) 2013-2019, 6 years. Somewhere in 2017 the display (TN) cracked somehow. Replaced by a really expensive IPS one that looked so dang good. Somehow even looking better than my current laptop. And yes still working and still being used by my father.


- ASUS X412FL (i5-8265U, 8gb RAM, MX250) 2019-present. My current daily driver



Yea through the years my laptop are always budget models, but hey at least they worked

Remember! Reality Is An Illusion, The Universe Is A Hologram, Buy GOLD! Byeeee!!!

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Dell Inspiron 7559 - Bought it about a month and a half after launch, back in January of 2016 and it's... well... it's showing its age clearly. Gaming on this thing is definitely not something it can do particularly well. Thread-heavy titles definitely cause this thing to hitch and stutter a lot. If I'd gotten the model with the i7 instead, I think it'd be holding up a lot better. Almost 5-years old



16GB DDR3L 1600

4GB GTX 960M

256GB SSD (Unknown brand)

1080p IPS display (upgraded)

68Whr battery



Dell Precision 3520 - Current daily driver. Bought it about a month ago because I wanted a robust platform that was easy to maintain and was known to last the test of time. Turns out I was right. Battery was upgraded/replaced with a 92Whr option. Gaming is a non-requirement, as anything I wanted to play could have been handled via the integrated iGPU, but this has a dedicated Quadro AND has Thunderbolt 3, and has been tested already with an eGPU, so that's an option for the future. :D

Xeon E3-1505M V6

16GB DDR4 2400

2GB Quadro M620 (950M equivalent)


1080p IPS display


The hyperthreading definitely helps here. Keyboard is top notch, display is gorgeous, battery life is awesome. I get an easy 8-9 hours after tweaking at around 70% brightness. Last note, this thing has a SIM card slot too, so if I so desired, I could absolutely add a data plan to this machine... and I might very well do that. x-x Internet constantly goes out here and that's not okay with school being entirely online these days. :( 

S.K.Y.N.E.T. v4.1

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X | 64GB DDR4 3000 | 8GB GTX 1080 |   Twin 24" Pixio PX248 Prime 1080p 144Hz Displays | 256GB Sabrent NVMe | 500GB Samsung 840 Pro #1 | 500GB Samsung 840 Pro #2 | 1TB Western Digital NVMe | 2TB Sabrent NVMe | Intel Wireless-AC 9260

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Asus K53e, made in 2011, bought it as a refurb in 2017. The shop didn't know how to install function key drivers on Windows 7 apparently. It's been through god knows how many OS installations of so many Linux distros. Right now it's running Fedora Workstation. i3 2310m iGPU, 8gb RAM, 240gb inland SSD.


It wasn't in the best physical condition from the shop, and it's gotten even worse over the years I've had it. All my crappy repair jobs and cheap mods on it are starting to come back and bite me in the butt all at once, I basically can't rely on it any more if I need it for field work. I gotta resolder the power connection for the millionth time at some point soon and I'm just so sick of babysitting this damn thing.


I'm thinking about just giving up and getting a Thinkpad t440p, as it's very Linux and mod friendly and possesses the last of the socketed intel mobile CPUs.

Quote me if you want me to get a notification. (if it's not my own thread)

Always assume I'm not using Windows unless I say I am. I'm usually using a Linux+GNU operating system.

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My current laptop, since May.


I used part of my stimulus to buy a refurbished Thinkpad P50 and made some upgrades to it. The base computer came with the following specs (with the upgrades in bold)


  • 2.6ghz Intel Core i7 6700HQ
  • 500GB HDD 
    • 1TB m.2 WD Black SN750 SSD
    • 500GB m.2 WD Black SN750 SSD
    • 2TB Seagate Barricuda HDD
  • 8GB RAM
    • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1920x1080 display
  • 2GB Nvidia Quadro m1000m GPU


Overall, I'm super happy with this computer. It does everything I need it to do and it's got enough power to last me for the next few years, at which point, I'll replace it with another P-Series Thinkpad (maybe a P15 when they start to hit the refurbished market).


This computer is in mint condition and had just left it's life as an office machine. 

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My primary laptop, which I lovingly call "TARDIS Console", is a Dell Inspiron 5437. Been using it for 6 years now, and till now has only shown the blue screen of death twice in it's whole lifetime. it has been through 3 cities with me, and has only recently been showing issues with the camera and keyboard.

It has:

  • i7-4500U for CPU
  • Geforce 740M for graphics
  • 1 TB Western Digital HDD
  • 8GB RAM (2 sticks of 4GB).

It has served me well for all these years, but I wouldn't be surprised if it suddenly starting resting in peace someday.


My secondary laptop, which i call "Secondary Console" (Get it? coz a TARDIS can always have more than one console??), is a Dell Latitude E6400 that my Dad used for his work from 2011 to 2016. Since then, this laptop was sitting vacant in the closet until the pandemic came and I had to set it up for my sister to take her classes on.

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Sorry posted the same post twice, ignore this pls

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something, idk
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My laptop is a 13-inch MacBook Pro from late 2013, Retina Display and all.


It's been a workhorse for travel and as a backup to my desktop. It still works well for what it is, but you can definitely tell it's a 7-year-old machine at this point. That and it's feeling a bit cramped.


I'll probably end up replacing it with an ARM-based MacBook Pro once the tech and app ecosystem has matured a little bit. Hopefully there's a new version next year with a larger screen and better RAM options; 16GB is enough, but 32GB might be better.

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