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Dead cpu/motherboard??!?!?

Hallo guys.


I already build pc for like 15 years.


2 days ago i switched to a new case.

First boot went perfect no problems. Exept my RGB fans didnt light up. So i switchen them to an other rgb header but the stupit brain of mine didnt think at that moment. And forgot the pc was still running... noticed that when it shut down instandly now it wont boot.. no bios it just restart every 2 secs.... i already testen the PSU.. nothing.


Tested without gpu. Still no boot. Did a smos reset. No boot. Tested the ram sticks. Nothing. 


Then i checked the motherboard close and there is a LED status of CPU lichting up. What is dead.. cpu or motherboard... pc is atm at a shop. But as of right now they cant find it... and they Cost 40 euro per hour....... and if i need a but i new cpu or motherboard i dont want to spent to much on nothing... 


Pleas help

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If it's at a shop they should just be able to switch out the CPU to see if that's dead (which is unlikely, they rarely die), and after that the mobo. If you have to pay for either of them for testing then that's just stupid and you should take the PC somewhere else.

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They dont have a 8700k ( or just 8 gen ) or a z370... so i think i will ask it back and just but a new motherboard check my self... 

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