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Weirdest ARGB Problem

Hello guys,


My girlfirend got my old rig with a new mainboard. There is a 120mm Noctua Cooler on the 3700X now but with some Noname ARGB fans.

And also a similar noname ARGB fan on the Back. Now the weird thing is since the ASRock RGB Thing from her B550 Pro4 updated the firmware on

the RGB controller, on one fan 5 of the 8 LEDs get stuck if you peak out at least two colors CYMW so to say. The fans are on parallel so they all show the same RGB.

It doesn't matter if I chnage the fan to another one or change the splitter, it is always that fan on the front of the CPU Cooler.

Anyone ever heard of such a problem, or probably there is a way to downgrade the firmware?

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