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Should I buy a PCI 4 ssd or just go with PCI 3

So i'm mainly going be using this build for gaming/streaming and a little of web browsing. I know PCI 4 SSD really don't how no real benefit in gaming but right now some of them are the same price as their PCI 3 counterparts. For example Sabrent rocket 1TB pci 4 SSD  is 150 which is the  same price as Samsung 970 evo at 148 or WD Black at 130. Same thing as you go up with 2TB SSD. Right now I only need 1TB of storage before I upgrade in a couple months so that why I wanted to go with Sabrent rocket 1TB ssd plus i'm planning on getting a HDD when I get my SSD.


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it wont make a difference but if the 4.0 is the same price i would go with it

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cpu: ryzen 5 3600 @4.4ghz @1.35v

gpu: rx5700xt 2200mhz

ram: vengeance lpx c15 3200mhz

mobo: gigabyte b550 pro 

psu: cooler master mwe 650w

case: masterbox mbx520

fans:Noctua industrial 3000rpm x6



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Speeds don't matter for you and with prices the same, just get whichever has the highest endurance rating or best warranty or something.

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