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Best options for v sync and g sync with a 144hz monitor

In rainbow six siege I get 140-144 FPS, when v sync is turned off I get tearing. Some people say you can’t have tearing at such high frame rates but... I am. When I turn on v sync I do not get any tearing but I wonder if my frame rate is capped at a lower frame rate than is being shown on the RTSS overlay. I also have a g sync compatible monitor with g sync turned on. I have heard that setting your refresh rate to 120hz is better because v sync can work better with it as it works in “generations” “if you will” such as 30 fps and 60fps and possibly 90 and 120 but i don’t know. Can anyone provide some tips or information about v sync and g sync at higher frame rates? I just want to make sure I’m not playing at a third of the frame rate because I have v sync enabled. I probably didn’t describe it the best but I hope it makes sense what I’m asking. Also when playing escape from tarkov the frame rate can vary from 30-100 FPS in a given area, would it be a good idea to have v sync enabled along with g sync?

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As long as your FPS is within the VRR range you won't get tearing.  Set your frame limit to 140 and that's it.


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