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Overclocking i5 8300H on ThrottleStop, is it safe?

I cleaned my Laptop and its not Thermal Throttling anymore, so i have thinking of Overclocking, i know its a Locked Model, but i think Linus said, If you turn the Voltages up, the CPU will run in higher clock speeds. so my plan is i want to turn up the Voltage, i tried it a year ago, it ended with Blue Screen but still alive. My laptop just get fixed 2 days ago, and i am scared it can broke again.

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Overclocking is never guaranteed to be 100% safe,there is a risk and the responsibility falls on the overclocker.

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Don't oc on laptops. Those things are made with very thight tolerances on thermal and power. So just leave it be.

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20 minutes ago, ItzMadMan said:

i think Linus said, If you turn the Voltages up, the CPU will run in higher clock speeds

Anyone saying that should be banned from any computers and I dont think Linus will be stupid enough to say that. More likely he said power limit, but that's typically capped in BIOS and wont go beyond a certain number.

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You cannot overclock a locked processor. It makes sense to reduce the voltage. This lowers power consumption and allows the CPU to turbo boost longer. Increasing voltage does the opposite. Not recommended.


Run Cinebench R20 when adjusting your voltages. Start with the core and cache offsets both at -100 mV. Very rare for an 8300H not to be 100% stable at these settings. Keep the cache voltage at -100 mV and start increasing the core offset by -25 mV. At each step, run Cinebench again. -125 mV, - 150 mV, -175 mV, -200 mV. The 8300H is usually stable with the core offset at -200 mV or -225 mV. You will either get better temperatures or better performance or a little bit of both. This is not overclocking. It is maximizing the performance that is already there.




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