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CompuCleaner electric duster-normal or xpert model?

(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section)

Hi all, I was thinking about getting one of the Compucleaner electric dusters but can't decide on what model to choose. They sell an Xpert version (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dusters-CompuCleaner-Xpert-Electric-Duster/dp/B01G1Z0RF0) or their standard version (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dusters-EG-1000-UK-Electric-Air-Duster/dp/B073F9NY1X). Is the xpert version with two speeds worth the extra money (I already have some brushes similar to the ones that the xpert model comes with). I'm a bit concerned that I wouldn't ever use the higher speed option in case it's "too fast" and don't know if the slower option is the same as the only speed the normal model has. Has anyone got any experience with either (or both) models and can suggest either one? Is the Xpert model worth the extra money/is there anything else better about it?




Trying to escape fm2+

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