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PSU Cables need help

Hi, I’m using a Corsair R550x psu and my msi z490 gaming edge WiFi motherboard has a cpu power 1 and cpu power 2 port. I am confused on which one I need to add my cpu cable into. The psu only supplied one cable with 4pins. Cpu power 1 requires 4 pins whereas cpu power 2 only requires 2. So I am just confused on what to do. 

also if I don’t have a graphics card, do I need to connect the pci cables?

I am a complete beginner 

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You just connect the CPU power to the 4 pin, although the motherboard you have said you have has one 8 pin CPU power and a 4 pin, so that's a bit strange.


Also, no. If you don't have a graphics card, there is nothing to connect the PCIe cables to, so you don't need to connect them.

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