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iPhone 8 screen looks glitched, sometimes not responsive to touch



I just got in town after a long drive when all of a sudden my iPhone 8 looks like it's broken, although the screen looks to be in one piece still.  sometimes it doesn't respond to touch, other times it does, and sometimes it acts as something is being pressed so it could be the screen has pressure on it in some way?  I'm going to try and get it fixed but i wanted to know what could be wrong with it before i give it to a shop. Any help would be appreciated.

broken iphone.jpeg

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looks/sounds like the screen and digitizer are busted.

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The LCD is broken no way of fixing it without replacing it


I'm just speaking from experience so what I say may not work 100%

Please try searching up the answer before you post here but I am always glad to help

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Gonna go ahead and say its the ribbon cable. I had almost identical symptoms occur on many other devices. Your only option might be display and digitizer replacement.

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Definitely damage to the LCD, and given the glitchy touch response, sounds like the digitizer is on it's way out as well. Any standard screen swap job will replace all those components, plus the glass while still using your front sensors, and Home button. Without an insurance claim, my shop does the job for about $120 + taxes, but we're using OEM screens. YMMV, but if you're getting a quote for a lot more than that, you're probably getting scalped; much lower and you're probably getting a very shady part or labor.

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