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I need some Fun Vr games

Hi, I just got a job and now have some money for some vr games. I have the essentials like boneworks, beat saber, superhot, fnsf, gorn, pistol whip, superhot etc. I know I want phasmophbia, but I dont know what else to get. Any recommendations, I heard the new walking dead is pretty good.

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Until you Fall was pretty decent, and Everspace is a rogue lite in space. I'd also recommend checking out Age of Sail, but that is something closer to a movie. Free though.

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VTOL VR (Fighter jets controlled with just the motion controllers)

Half Life: Alyx

Pavlov, Onward, Contractors (for team based FPS)


If you have a racing wheel or joystick

Project Cars 2, Elite:Dangerous, DCS World, IL2, Dirt Rally 2 are all good cockpit games but require a bit more dedication to get into hardware and time wise

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