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10% CPU spike = FPS drop in any program, or game.

I have this CPU spike issue that started in my computer about 2 years ago. What the CPU does is spike up about 10% in the middle of a game, a program or just running windows for no reason, then continues to run normally for another 2 minutes then does it again (the result of this spike usually drops me down to 2 fps for half a second then runs normal afterwards). I have wiped the same drive a few times, reinstalled windows, and just did the same thing onto an m.2 drive and it is still doing this. I originally had an i7 7700 processor with a z270killer sli/ac motherboard that had some D-Ram compatibility issues (NOTE I swapped motherboards with the same processor and nothing was resolved), and I now have a i9 10900KF with a MSI z490 gaming edge motherboard where it continues to do the same thing. I changed the ram out for something with more memory nothing changed. The GPU does NOT spike when the CPU does. I have changed out my 1080ti graphics card with a 2080ti, then back to the 1080ti and nothing changed when either card was in. I most recently changed the power supply from a Corsair RX750 to a Corsair RX850 and nothing has changed. I am beyond boggled at what needs to be fixed. Only thing I can think of is that there is something on a hard drive that I still have on my computer but I cannot imagine what. 
I look forward to any possible resolutions

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