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Ryzen 5 1600 multiple starts after manual Clock set/OC

Hey guys,


my setup worked perfectly for about 30 months now!

Ryzen 5 1600

2x 8GB Crucial Ballistix 2666mhz ddr4

MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X (fairly oc´d with kombustor stresstest all fine)

MSI B350 PC Mate Mainboard

BEquiet 450w power adapter


Today i changed the case and installed a water cooler for the first time.

The water cooler: Alpenföhn Gletscherwasser 240

Getting the box cooler off the cpu was hard but i managed and the cpu didnt look damaged or anything at all.


I set up and everything looked fine. First start worked well and it booted as known. Only the temperature jumps were a bit crazy. Like it went down to 27° slightly and then jumped back to 33/34° or so, just to come down to 26/27 again.


Overclock settings were gone but i then tried to oc again.

So i set up clock to 38.00 and override CPU Voltage to 1.350 as it was before with the box cooler.

When i try this the PC shuts down completely and tries to boot. After a few seconds all lights out and no sign. This repeats 3-4 times. After this the PC sets the clock frequenzy to standard and it boots as perfect again.


When i tried AMD Ryzen Master (which i never used before, but it was installed all the time tho (not running background afaik)) i then can set the clock to 3.800. After reboot it doesnt show in the task manager but it works....


i tried cinebench on both, the standard clock and the 3.800 via amd ryzen master, and there were different amounts. 2470 and 2730 round about. the temperature jumps only seemed to occur in idle. on 3,8ghz they went from 32 to 44° or so and then slowly back to low 30s....


So the OC via the software worked. But thats not what i want here. I can´t understand why the PC is getting problems when i tried to set the clock manually.

EVEN IF i set the clock manually to the 3.2ghz (32,00) the same error occurs and it starts multiple times until it works again.


What could be the problem here?


i got a 450w bequiet power adapter. this should be just enough to keep the system alive. I mean: it also works on the software-side overclock...


Im frustrated right now... spend half of the day getting crazy in my mind...


I hope someone can help me and detects my troubleshooting issues or has an idea.


So far best regards from germany





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I would check your BIOS for additional power settings / limits. 

I personally hate RyzenMaster. useless bloatware.


HWINFO64 would be the only program i trust to get you actual clock information; task manager lies through it's teeth.


1.350v seems low, my 1500x needed 1.375v to maintain 3.7Ghz all core.


My 2600x is at 1.4v with 4.1 all core.


I would personally load up the defualt settings in BIOS and then go through frequancy and power settings with a fine tooth comb.

You'll also find 'CPU Feautres' listed in the 'advanced' MSI BIOS, where things like AMD coolnQuite settings are hidden.

The only consideration you've noted is 450W is not a whole lot. With that hardware and now an AiO pump running off of it, you might not actually have the power to pull this off.

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Unfortunately, neither of this is helping me...

I also have hwinfo installed and so on...


i just tried to set everything to auto (default?) in OC settings. cpu voltage, ram voltage and clock...


but still when i left bios with saving changes it has the multiple startup tries... until after the 4. or 5. try it works after a longer startup/boot...

Then i shutdown and reboot again. No problems. As if the pc needs to write its own bios when i leave... and i cant/shouldnt touch it...


could it really be the power adapter?

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