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ASRock X570 Creator - Wouldn't have bought if I had known this

Hello! I know the title is kind of click-baity but I have never been so disappointed in my pre purchase research quality than in this epic failure. I don't know how and why but the "southbridge" fan on this motherboard is situated right in the spot where the tail of a 2 slot graphics card would end rendering the fan useless. After 4 weeks of the fan trying to move air over the chip with little success it is showing signs of failure i.e the 20 minute warmup time until the rattling is gone (even at low speeds). Now my only option is to dish out another 100 euros (in addition for the 500 € of the motherboard) for a PCIEx16 gen 4 riser cable. Don't take me wrong, the motherboard with its features almost justifies the price but I think the engineers (or engineering inters) at ASRock have really screwed the pooch with this one. At least they could have included a riser cable in the box after such a fuck up. I am really disappointed in ASRock - my last platform was z68 (Gen 2 intel) and it works till this day. Also the Aquantia drivers listed on the support page are faulty (driver ver


You can see the top 2 millimeters of the fan on the first picture. The bottom, left and right portions of the fan is completely covered by my modest Nvidia GeForce 1070ti



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