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Gigabyte 5700XT under-volt experience

Been messing about with the undervolt of the gigabyte 5700xt. Managed to achieve 

tested on heaven 


1999mhz at a stable 1035 volts which temp wise is about 65 degrees core with a 90 degree junction temp


also managed the advertised boost clock speed of 1905 at 0.990volts. Temps are about 60 degrees with a junction temp of 80-85.


just wondering if it’s worth sacrificing the minor performance gain for the temperature ? Curious to see what other people are undervolting on the 5700xt 

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Mine needs 1100mv for 2000Mhz. I think the main benefit isn't lower temp. But lower fan speed/lower noise because of the lower temp.


I have it in Cooler Master NR200 case. Which is a good candidate for deshrouding mod. I use two Gentle Typhoon fans and manage to drop the GPU temp to 55C with just 1300rpm fan speed.

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