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Resomlume and the new GPU wave.



Hey guy's, computer enthusiast here.

 I have no experience in resolume myself, but I have a "client" who uses it somewhat regularly. Most of his jobs could be completed on a gaming laptop or MacBook PRO, but for the big jobs he has a dedicated server. However it isn't quite enough. The old config was an 8 core xeon processer (don't remember which 1), but cpu was not the issue. In any case we switched to an AMD 3900x, but the real question is GPU. 

We had a 2080 super and it was great for all but the biggest jobs. In my small amount of observation, unlike most pro workstations, resolume does not benefit from large amounts of VRAM compared to other pro workloads. Assuming this is true, it will be important later.

 The new 3000 series GPU,s from Nvidia are certainly looking good for our use case, with the 3080 being at the most likely for us to get. The only real benefit of the 3090 is its massive amount of VRAM, and what little improvements in performance it has, for us, it doesn't seem worth the price. The 3070 looks pretty good as well, but with only incremental improvements from what we already have, combined with the fact that you'll never actually find 1 makes buying 1 of these really difficult. 

Than there is AMD and there 6000 series GPU's. Acc. to AMD, all of there GPU's trade blows with there Nvidia counter parts for less money, but more importantly to me with slower VRAM (GDDR6 vs. GDDR6X from team green). This would leave me to believe that the AMD cards are brute forcing there way there rather than finessing it, AKA the AMD card's would have "more power" than Nvidia (simplified), and there for better for our use case with Resolume.

That being said, Nvidia tends to have a better track record, more experience with pro level equipment, and overall better drivers than AMD. But with the new wave of GPU's it looks like it's anyone's game. 

So what are your thoughts? What do you think I should get? 

Any and all info is welcome.

At me or quote me, I want to hear your opinion.


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