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Which CPU for performance/efficiency?



I'm in the market for a new laptop, I've got my eyes on the Asus Zenbook 14 and Lenovo yoga slim 7.


But I can't decide which specifications to get. For me it's important to have performance yet a long lasting battery along with it.


These are the options:

  • i7-1165G7 (67 Wh battery, 400-nits display) not available yet but should be soon [Asus Zenbook 14]
  • Ryzen 7 4600U (60.7 Wh battery) [Lenovo Yoga Slim 7]


As far as I can find the performance is rather similar(?), but I don't know what their efficiency is like, some sites say the 1165G7 is more efficient than the 4600U and others say opposite. (1165G7 has a better iGPU so that's an advantage)

Anyone has experience with this, any idea what laptop will give me the best performance and batter life?

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9 minutes ago, letsplaysims3 said:

HP has a good laptop. It's i7 and RTX 2060. You use it for gaming?

No, maybe like a match of CS:GO in my freetime, but never for heavy gaming (which I'm pretty sure the iGPUs will handle, plus I have a desktop so it's not a drama if it doesn't. CPU performance is much more important alongside battery).


I'm a programmer and I sometimes need to do emulations and stuff, sometimes on battery, that's why battery is so important (and portability)

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