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Hey Linus, what would you recommend?

I'm a huge Skyrim SE fan. Been playing it on an Xbox for years but I want to build a PC for the ultimate Skyrim experience, say 500 to 1000+ mods added. What kind of build would you think I'd want?

Hell you could probably make a video for this lol.

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6 minutes ago, JnyRqr68 said:

say 500 to 1000+ mods added.

Get a decent CPU+GPU and an SSD for game storage. Also you want to get the best single core performance you can get your hands on.

And trust me that amount of mods on Skyrim is just a pain to get working properly.

Expect like 75% of your time fiddling with mods, 20% crashing and restarting the game and 5% of gameplay...

uni student // at war with Siemens software // wife haver

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If you want to suggest video, please use official topic:


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