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Monitor choice

Hey all,


I am currently planning my first build (upgrading from a 7-year-old pre-built) and am unsure of what to do for my monitors. In my build I will be getting either the 3080 or the 6800 XT, haven't decided yet.
I also know I want my monitors to be 27 inch. I currently have a dual-monitor setup with 2, 24-inch monitors at 1080p 60Hz.

Ideally I would like to move to 3 monitors, but realistically I might have to stay at 2 due to prices.

Now, I will be using these monitors for a whole variety of things (watching movies, coding, non FPS gaming) so with that in mind I don't really need nor care to have the highest response. I think I would prefer to have a really nice looking display at 4k, but unless I want to spend over $1000 for a 4k with more than 60Hz I seem to be stuck with 60Hz.


Bottom line, am I crazy if I get a 4k (or 2 or 3) display with a 60Hz refresh rate with the aforementioned GPUs? Or will I just be creating a bottleneck at my display point?

Also, will those graphic cards be able to support a triple monitor output at 4k? (they wouldn't all be used for gaming simultaneously)


Appreciate any help!

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I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say.

  • You said you don't care about having the highest response times; did you mean response, or refresh rate?
  • What do you mean by bottlenecking your displays?
  • Why would it be crazy to get a 4k monitor with those GPUs?

As for an answer to your questions.

  • Yes, those cards will handle 4k just fine. You'd have to check what connections the cards have, and plan the monitors accordingly. They're not all the same, card to card, brand to brand.
  • I'd take a strong look at ultrawide monitors.

Welcome to the forum.

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Monitor: Dell P2214H x2 Mouse: Logitech MX Master Keyboard: G.Skill KM780 Cherry MX Red



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Thanks for the reply!


Sorry, I didn't explain that very well.

  • I don't care about highest response times, so mostly meaning response (ms), higher refresh rate would be nice, but I know with 4k monitors it really hikes the price
  • In regards to bottlenecking the displays, I'm worried if I'm playing a game that the graphics card can output at let's say 80 FPS at 4k (just an example), or if they FPS is too low at 4k so I bump it down to 2k and the frame rate is around 100. If the monitor is only at 60Hz is that not going to cause any issues?
  • I meant more am I crazy getting a 60Hz monitor (that happens to be 4k) with those GPUs?

The cards I am interested in have 3 DP ports, so would make sure to buy monitors that have a DP port.


I had never really considered UW monitors because I find it easier to separate windows by monitor, but maybe I should take a look at them.

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