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Can't see my old HDD and SSD on my new SSD

So, basically, a few months ago my SSD started randomly turning off and completely blocking out. I decided to replace it today and got a new one and installed windows 10 on it. When I booted to the new SSD, my old drives were gone (old SSD and HDD). Neither of them are showing up in disk management or in This PC. However, here is the really interesting part - when I go back to BIOS and set my Boot Device to my OLD SSD, my old Windows starts up and I can see and freely access ALL of my disks, including the new SSD, which only has Windows on it. How is this even possible? No matter how much I switch from one Windows to another, the disks only show up in the old one.

Here is some info that might be relevant:

All 3 drives are connected with 1 SATA cable to the PSU, which is an EVGA Gold 850W.

All 3 drives are connected with different SATA cables to the Motherboard, which is an ASRock Z97 Pro3.

The BIOS boot options are set to - 1. New SSD; 2. Old SSD; 3. HDD or 1. Old SSD; 2. New SSD; 3. HDD (depending on whether I want to boot to old or new Widows)

Both drives have Windows 10 Pro, but they seem a little different.

New drive is a 240 GB Philipps and the old one - 512 GB SP (Silicon Power)

All 3 drives show up in BIOS and in the OLD install of Windows at all times 


How can I fix this? I've found 0 info on anyone having this problem before online and I have tried everything I could think of.

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Try setting bios to sata compatible mode. Also check in windows if a drive letter has been assigned to each drive. If not, they won't show up.

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