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Little help or guidance or just shoot me in head

Hello guys.

I have problem with my water cooling. Before i put water cooling on my main rig i wanted to tested on backup rig. Maximus XI Apex + 9900KF ( i didnt want risk any leaks on my main rig).  EK-WB Velocity was really pain in the ass to mount because it has big thumb nuts and Apex has RAM slots close to socket.  I never had good thermal paste spread. I tried ball in middle or spread it with Spatula. And when i remove block there was just little paste on block iself. I tried mount several times... same result so i returned the water block. now i have Heatkiller IV pro. But with this spread is better (but so far my Noctua is still better) but when i am in windows and just open browser my temp jump from 25 to 40c. on noctua i have idle 30 and it jump to 35 so it looks like bad contact again. On youtube videos everyone tighten it fully down. But first i didn't have the block tighten fully down. So when system was running i tried tighten it little bit but no difference. I tried repaste and tighten fully down but PC won't boot Error 00. so i tried loosen up thumb nuts no change. i remove Cooler completely and just hold it onto CPU by hand no change. I swap CPU for 8350k again cooler hold just by hand still 00 after 2 restart PC finally boot. so i change 9900kf back and again 00 and after reset it boot. i tried tighten cooler it works but temps are not good. so now iam in state that i think motherboard hate me from changing cooler so many times. Pins look OK.The bad part is i wanted to give this backup to my brother for christmas and now i'm not sure and i can't return water cooling stuff because its too late.So far i didn't try mount back Air cooler i'm just tired from this. Now i'm concerned about motherboard and CPU if its just motherboard bug or something bad.I know NH-D15 is excellent cooler . But i wanted to try something new and wanted something that is quiet and good. But so far two water blocks are worst. i dont know what iam doing wrong.


PS: sorry for my english

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3 minutes ago, KotOr said:


I wouldn't worry too much about the difference in temps for just a browser opening, I would be more interested a heavier extended load (e.g. RealBench) and compare those numbers. Also it will totally depend on how much radiator space you have whether you will or will not beat the NH-D15. If you have a 360 mm or more, then I would expect it to, whereas with a single 120 mm, I would not expect it to outperform the NH-D15 (its all about surface area afterall, water is not automagically better).

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1 hour ago, For Science! said:


I have 420mm rad. Well. if just opening browser 20c in 1s on water and 5c on Air something is weird right ? in CB15 65c in 1s on water and if i do more loop my CPu max 80c but temp of water go from 24c to 26c . on air max 65c

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