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Server space problem for own mobile game

Hello friends! I’m currently working on a small but hopefully fun mobile game.

It’s just a little project of mine and I don’t expect to get rich off of it or anything. I just want to see if I can make it work.


Under the whole Java Programming there is a SQL database I’m using to save all player and object related data and then retrieve it later with Elasticsearch.

The problem I’m now running into is that if I should get more than like five players I will be in trouble, simply because I wouldn’t have enough server space.


Do you think something like Elasticsearch and Aiven would solve my problem? With everything in a cloud, I could expand space whenever needed.

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How much data do you estimate per user?

You shouldn't have more than a few tens of MB per user of data, if you have more you're doing something wrong. 

If your hosting doesn't give you that much space... 


Even a 10-15$ a month VPS will come with tens of GB of storage space. A 30-40$ a month dedicated server will have 500GB - 1 TB disk space.


I don't think it's worth going that route, because you'll add a bunch of latency to your game (the game connects to your game server, game server connects to remote database, the latency adds up) and you'll also pay a bunch for the traffic on that elasticsearch ... it costs around 20-30 cents per hour ... while it can cost only 30-40$ a month for a dedicated server with lots of ram and storage space.


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