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Looking for keyboard similar to Logitech G815 or low profile..

Hey guys! 


So I use a laptop when at our camper so maybe this is why but while I was at best buy I couldn't find a single keyboard that felt as nice as the Logitech G815/915 with GX Blue Clicky switches. Even at Microcenter. None of them felt as good. I'm not talking about just the type of switches but the entire feel and comfort of the keyboard. 


I have an Alienware 510k that came with my m17 r3 and I've been using it with my desktop at home but I spilt a drink on it lol. It works but I had to move some switches around to use the primary keys, so I'm looking to upgrade. I love the low profile nature. 


Th AW510K I think got me addicted to low profile keyboards, the regular ones just feel like the keys are so small.. Playing with the G815 at best buy and then switching to the Corsair just made the Corsair feel like total garbage, and before trying the 815, I was considering buying one. 


Would the K70 low profile feel similar to Logitechs/Alienwares? Or is it just cheaper feeling in general? 


What are some decently nice keyboards that will feel as nice or nicer than the G815? I'm thinking a want a TKL (ten key less) keyboard also. 


The Logitech Pro with GX Blue Clicky switches looks like a valid option to save some money but I don't mind spending more. I also use the G502 Lightspeed but I don't mind using more software (like you can avoid that anyway). 


Why is the Steelseries Apex Pro considered the best on rtings.com? Would that align with what I'm looking for if I get the TKL model or will it feel like the Corsair with narrow tops on the keys? 


Thanks for any help or guidance!!! 

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I just found the K70 MK.2 low profile TKL, would that be good? What about the Cooler Master SK30? 

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