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Zen 3 vs Zen 2 architecture question

At some point in the last month or 3, I thought I read something about how there are situations where the 3950X (maybe 3900X) has some serious performance problems if Windows assigns an application multiple cores that aren't in the same 'node', and if a core is attempting to access cache that is associated with the other node--not sure if node is quite the right terminology. The 3700X doesn't have this problem because all its cores are in the same node, and it went on to say that the Zen 3 architecture wouldn't have this limitation.


Is there any truth to this?

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Yes, there is truth to that.

Software designed before the release of any X hardware would or could come across this issue.

Updates to firmware and software eventually alleviates issues like these.

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The CCX, or core complex, is being replaced with the CCD, the core complex die (they specified the name in the Livestream announcement, and Gamers Nexus had some excellent coverage if you are curious). You're right that the 3700X has a single CCX so core to core latency is low, and that the movement of all cores onto the single CCD for everything up to the 16 core offering will provide improved performance.

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Isn't it that on Zen 2 a CCX has 4 cores (8 threads) while on Zen 3 a CCX has 8 cores (16 threads)? A 16-core Zen 3 will use two CCX-es while a 16-core Zen 2 used 4.

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Thanks for the info Fasauceome-- Hopefully can watch the GN stuff when I have some free time in the next few days.

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