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All-in-one PC screen goes black for couple seconds

Hello, I bought second-hand HP all-in-one PC (i7 9700t GTX 1050ti) to use in my mobile photobooth. The problem is the screen goes black for like 1-2 sec every half hour  or so when  using photo-editing and photoboots software. Reinstall didnt solve the issue.  PC does not restart its just like the screen turns off. I also tried gaming on the all in one, just to try it. And after some time screen was blinking like crazy. I tried to use external screen through hdmi and there was no problem ( no black screen, nothing).  How do solve it ? Do it think its caused by overheating ?

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Faulty display in the all-in-one. (At least that is what I would think) If something is overheating and causing the display to malfunction that could be the issue. Try going to a repair shop and having them look at it if you don't have the tools to open it yourself. If you can try reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers as a broken/corrupted driver could also cause the issue. Hope this helps.

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59 minutes ago, xxx68 said:

HP all-in-one PC

I have seen this sort of thing before on HP AiO, the cooling on the video card isn't good enough, and so the screen cuts out, I don't know if you can open this case without breaking stuff, but check the cooling on the GFX card

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