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Any GOOD Laptop Coolers?

Hey guys, my laptop is great, but during tasks like Video Editing, my laptop of course gets very hot. Since the intake fans are on the bottom, placing it on any surface kinda goes against that function, hence its really a design flaw. Anyways, I figured I would look for some coolers for my laptop, but all the ones I saw were that that great, I mean they had cool lights and stuff but I wasn't satisfied that a 5V power input from USB for 3+ fans with LEDs would be anywhere powerful enough to cool my laptop down. 


So, are there any laptop coolers which are way more powerful, and good enough to cool my laptop down? 




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First of all, before you get the coolers, there are a few things you can do to improve your laptop thermal performance:


1. If you have had this laptop for quite some time, you might want to clean its cooling components, as dust is the most common cause of poor thermal performance.

2. If the cooling fans are clean, you might want to consider undervolting. On most modern laptops, this will decrease load temperature, increase battery life and would often not reduce performance.


Now onto the cooling pads with fans. Various testing show them to decrease temperature by 5-10 degrees. I have not tested these pads with fans myself, but I've been getting similar result with raised feet like this. This is done on Razer Blade Stealth 13 2018.


My theory is the extra fans from the pads do not blow air directly onto internal components, so it does not provide any "cooling" function other than blowing more air into stock cooler. In this configuration, stock coolers will be the "bottleneck" for the amount of air being sucked in.


The raised feet in the link is able to give more clearance underneath laptop, so it can achieve the same result as the cooling pads, without introducing additional fan noise. They're very portable too.


Therefore before you invest in those bulky pads, I would suggest you to find something (for example thick books) to raise the back end of the laptop, and see if it you're satisfy with the improvement (if any). Then you can decid to get a proper raised feet or cooling pad. 

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Thanks for the reply :) The laptop I have is brand new, but it is known for the fan to be loud which I actually don't mind. Before this, I used a Samsung RV511 which came out in 2011 for everything, so I needed to get a new laptop. Anything which is better than that old laptop would've been the world improved for me lol. But anyways since this laptop is so much more powerful than that old laptop I couldn't complain for fan noise which I've honestly gotten used to by now from the Samsung laptop. But yeah I'll try raise the laptop, although I mostly use it on my lap, which covers the intake vents. If I have to resort to a cooler although it wouldn't improve much, I wouldn't mind that.


Again, thanks :)

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