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Having issues with MSI X570 Tomahawk and Corsair Dominator 3600Mhz RAM. Help Please!

Hi, (posting on behalf of a friend)


Can some help with making the 3600Mhz (4X 8GB) 32 GB Corsair Dominator RAM stable for MSI X570 Tomahawk?

Basically, I am using a Ryzen 3900X with X570 Mobo and it just crashes. Windows setup won't complete. The computer gets stuck/freezes at restart (after the OS completes the installation files and does a auto restart). Different kind of error messages about digital signature error, winload.exe error, BIOS damaged and all. But when I do a hard restart, I can access BIOs again. And even if the setup somehow completes after several tries, the PC suddenly crashes after an hour or so. At first I thought it was a windows setup error/corrupt file but this just keeps happening even after several clean installs.

I was told by someone that this is a RAM compatibility issue and needs tweaking. I am novice in overclocking and I am not sure where to start. I just don't want to damage my warranty.

Things I have already done: 

1. Updated BIOS to the latest (tried both Beta and Stable)

2. Turned on XMP (doesnt help of course)

3. Check all possible RAM configuration

4. OCed RAM volt to 1.35 (manually from auto - didnt help)

5. Cleared CMOS

I just want a stable computer, running the RAMs at the rated speed that is 3600Mhz. I dont want anything more. Please help!


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