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Can a Xeon E5-26xx dual socket CPU be used in a single socket motherboard?

I'm trying to upgrade my Lenovo Thinkstation P500 workstation to a new CPU. It currently has a Xeon E5-1650v3 in it, on the original single socket motherboard. I've looked around and it's really hard to find a high core count E5-16xx single socket CPU or it costs way too much, while the E5-26xx dual socket CPU's are plentiful and super, super cheap on ebay.


My question is can I run an E5-26xx CPU in a motherboard with only one socket?


EDIT: To clarify the workstation has the original Lenovo/Intel C610 motherboard, NOT an X99 gaming board. This computer is not used for gaming, only for running AGi32 calculation software which needs CPU cores more so than clock-speed. 

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