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Competive Gaming and Internetconnection

I need some help/advice. I recently moved from Switzerland to Germany. Unfortunatly is the Internet in germany way worse in Quality.

Before i had a 1Gb Fibreline and a ping of 20-30. 

In my actual Appartment i have 2 Options 1gb (i have 500mb because 1gb is way to expensive) Cable (Coax) the other Option is DSL (Copper) 250Mb max.


My actual ping is 40-60 and by feeling very unstable. What can i optimize? How can i test out what brings the best results for me? Better & stable Ping is more important than bandwith to me, so downgrading from 500mb/s to 250mb/s is not a problem to me, if i get better results.


I also did alot of tests (Pingplotter) the last days, but the problem is i can't really evaluate the data. Are there any good guides? How can i test my connection for a longer period to see pingspikes, jitter etc?

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1 hour ago, Halfdan said:

I need some help/advice

For advice like this, it's always a good idea to ask the neighbours what they use and their experience, not just with the quality of the service, but also support.


If given the option, I'd always get fiber before cable, and cable before DSL. DSL is being phased out in many places except for maybe rural areas where phone lines still exist and running other types of connections might not be profitable for the ISP. Furthermore, DSL works best the closer you are to the ISP data center.


Are you performing these tests over ethernet or wireless? I notice you're in an apartment which spells disaster for wireless (expected), but even if you're wired in on a cable ISP, the entire apartment might be in the same service group which can slow down service for all those on the same node.


Can you run the speed test at DSLReports? It will give an idea about jitter, ping, etc.

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Unfortunalty there is no fibre in this apartment. And i don't really know my neighbours. It's in the City and in this Building are like 15 Other Apartments.


Here is my DSLReports History:


2020-10-27 17:27:34     532   26.6      24   D    A           B     Cable    Kabel Deutschland 18 / 18

2020-10-20 14:54:27    515    4.25    19    F    A+        C    Cable    Kabel Deutschland    18 / 18


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