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Ok, so I've had a zotac amp 1060 since it pretty much came out but in the last year or 2 my screen would start turning off for a second and turn right back on. I have overclocked it in the past but nothing heavy and I didn't keep the overclock for long either. I have tried different cables so I know its not the cable and i put in a different gpu before and it wont do it with that gpu so I know the monitor is fine. any ideas what it could possibly be?


Also when I turn off my pc and turn it back on it won't do it for awhile but once i start watching youtube or playing a game it starts happening about 15-20 min later

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Screen flickering sounds like it could be an actual hard connection that isn’t connecting well.  Bad wire or solder joint or connection somewhere.  Might not be as well of course.  Could be in the monitor cable or port if it’s a hardware thing.  Could also be monitor power. 

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