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Help Finding Replacement Sata Backplane? Cooler Master XB Evo

Hey Friends,


So I just built a system inside a Cooler Master XB Evo about two weeks ago, and last week I finally got in my two brand new WD Red 4tb drives to put in the front hot swap bays.

I installed the drives into the front bays and found that one bay just plain wasn't working! 😕


So I did some basic poking around. Swapped the drives around between the bays, hooked up both drives directly to my motherboard, using both sata cables that I used on the backplane board, and found that the drives, and the cables weren't the issue.


I pulled the back plane board out and found quite the defect, one of the pins from the connector isn't inserted into the board at all! I contacted Cooler Master support, and got no response as of yet, and its been 5 business days since I found the issue, and contacted them. Newegg support wants me to send the whole case back in exchange for a new one, and I really don't want to have to take apart this whole system and send the thing back and wait a week or two for a new one if only one little board is defective. I really would rather just pay for a new or used backplane board rather than ship the whole case off and short of that I suppose I can live without hotswap altogether if I'm being honest, and in that light I'd probably try my hand at resoldering it myself.


I tried looking online for this board but I haven't had much luck. I found a site that claims to be the Cooler Master EU store, but I'm not sure if it actually is the EU store or not. And even if it is, it would cost me $45 in shipping for a $5 part. Ebay and Amazon weren't any luck either unfortunately.


Does anyone know where I can find this board, or if you have one? Does anyone know if this board is just a cooler master rebranded board of another generic board? Did a generic manufacturer recreate this board? Anything helps, otherwise I'll just have to live with the fact my hotswap bays aren't actually hotswap and hope to god no one who rolls through my house decides to give the hotswap bays a try lol


THe Part Number Appears to be Cooler Master 20130423




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