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Hello everyone,


So for context I have three Unifi Access Points, I have a Main network, a restricted network, an IOT network, and a guest network.


My main router at the moment is an Edge Router 4 and I just got a Unifi USW-16-POE that I am trying to setup VLANs per WiFi network. I was trying to setup for the restricted network because its for the children in the house so that they can't be on bad sites (using openDNS family shield as a DNS level firewall) and so far its not working I have the network profile, Switch, and router profile setup with a DHCP server but so far it is not working maybe someone can guide me through this.


Also I am hoping to have the Restricted, IOT and Main network still be able to communicate with things like printers so maybe someone could also help guide me through firewall rules for that if everyone of the Vlans are on their own DHCP server ranging from 10.0.0.x - 10.0.50.x 



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