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Help me choose a new B550 mobo

Hello everyone

Due to inept handling I destroyed my B450 tomahawk max image.gif.afa61f603d2840bd3771bf177d99e08e.gif😛 see thread HERE

So im in the market for a new mobo

Parts that I have:

ryzen 3600
bequiet 700W system power 9
samsung 1tb evo sata
256gb samsung m.2 NVM
rtx 2070
artic freezer 13 co (bought adaptor kit)
coolermaster silencio 452

Main use will be gaming, I have 3 system fans (cpu fan NOT included)
Also, i don't care for aesthetics or RGB

My budget is around 150 euro, I live in western europe (prices are ~10 pct higher then US)
I would prefer a B550 mobo unless you guys recommend something else

Personally i've been looking at the B550 MSI A PRO

Any thoughts?
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you should give the mobo back to company 

they might fix your problem with no extra money.

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