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Drivers needed for Ryzen 3 3200g

Hello, I'm building a new PC that's going to be oriented for school work and I'm going to be using the motherboard wifi and not an ethernet cable. Once I've downloaded Windows 10 Home, what drivers do I need to download? Also do I need to download both the motherboard and cpu drivers because I'm using a cpu with integrated graphics? If you could please link the site and state the specific drivers that would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


PC Specs:

Motherboard: B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI (rev. 1.0)    The ITX motherboard

CPU: Ryzen 3 3200g

Ram: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz 

StorageSilicon Power 512GB NVMe M.2

PSU: Corsair CX Series 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Modular Power Supply

Case: NZXT H210

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Your build it quite the same as mine, just updated a bit ;)

My specs:

CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G [Overclocked at 4.0GHz] Vega 8 iGPU [Overclocked at 1400MHz]

Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus B450M (rev. 1.0)

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz

Storage: WD Blue 1TB (you got the better in this one 😛 )

PSU: Corsair CX Series 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified Non-Modular Power Supply

Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-01

Cooler: Depcool Gammax GTE V2


Anyways, congratulations on completing your build!



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32 minutes ago, Hold-Ma-Beer said:

Yep, go on to this site:


and download all the drivers. [ This is for motherboard]


Then head to AMD's site:


and download drivers from CHIPSET and PROCESSOR WITH GRAPHICS.

You're good to go!

Alrighty, even though I know a lot about building the physical pc I'm pretty bad with figuring this out sorry lol. So would I need to download everything that's under the Driver(+22) section and not touch anything from the BIOS or Utility tab? Also for the drivers that I need to download is it only the ones that are for Windows 10 64bit?716626469_cpudrivers.thumb.png.713fb9ae0ae196edc61343f5b9b2660f.png358741925_motherboarddrivers.thumb.png.a1800450680ce3026762c222ed5f31bf.png


As for the AMD drivers is this the right one's I should be downloading or do I need to find it in processors with graphics. Shown in the photo. If I'm completely off is it could I Pm you, thanks again

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