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Keyboard for Final Fantasy XIV and other MMOs

So, I'm looking for a keyboard with one specific requirement:
It has to have onboard memory. (I play on Playstation 4, so without onboard memory I can't in any way have macros and that kind of stuff)

The more keys the better, both for in-game macros and a lil bit of productivity (I'm a graphic designer and 3D artist, more keys are always better)

Mechanical is a plus, but I wouldn't say it's a requirement

Wireless is a plus, but I wouldn't say it's a requirement

Since I have a Razer Naga Trinity, maybe it being Razer would be cool, so you now, they can sync, but I don't really care that much


Hit me with your options.

I'm evaluating in the 100$ range, but I can spend more if it's worth it.


Thank you all in advance!!!

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