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3200mhz Ram running at 933mhz

Hi everyone! I'm having a bit of a problem with my ram. I was using my pc like normal just yesterday, but when i booted it up just half an hour ago it gave me a memory overclocking error. I have 32 gigs of trident z 3200 ram with a ryzen 3700 and a msi gaming pro carbon motherboard. In my bios right now i have the speed set at 3200 and voltage at 1.35v. Yet cpu-z and task manager both state that the ram is only running at 933 and XMP will not boot. I havent had this pc more than 6 months yet and would love to fix this problem. Thank you!

Screenshot 2020-10-23 235530.png

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Clear the cmos and try the overclock again.

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cleared cmos and it only got the ram to 1600. Updated the bios and its back to working. Thank you guys very much!

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